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LIHAO 22 Piece Aluminum Crochet Hooks Set with Case and Small Accessories

  • LIHAO Crochet Hooks Set includes different kinds of crochet hooks for you to choose for different knitting purposes! 

    All of them will be packed into a purple bag. 

    Suitable for people who love making crafts! 

    These crochet hooks are suitable for sewing clothes, making sweater, marking the position you need to notice and so on. 

    ATTENTION : This is not toys for children, so please keep it away from your babies. 

    Product includes: 

    1 x Purple Bag 
    12 x Different Sizes Silvered Hooks 
    10 x Different Sizes Aluminum Hooks 
    1 x Soft Measurement Ruler 
    1 x Stitch Ripper 
    3 x Cable Switch Knitting Needles 
    2 x Aluminium Stitch Holders 
    12 x Metal Copper Markers 
    1 x Thimble 
    3 x Plastic Knitting Needles 
    15 x Colored Plastic Switch Markers 
    5 x Plastic Sewing Needles 
    2 x Needles Point Protectors 
    1 x Scissor 
    25 x Circle Markers 
    20 x Locking Switch Markers 
    2 x Row Counter 
    1 x Gauge Measure Ruler 
    5 x Bend Colored Plastic Needles

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